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There is nothing more AWE-some than an Aging With Ease (AWE) Discovery Session with one of the wisest most experienced women on the planet today. Joci James can help you see what programs best for enhancing your quality of life and share her Aging With Ease Secrets.

Will you be the limited few for her mentoring program or Discovering the Best of YOU courses?  Receive an additional gift of gratitude "Guide to Aging With Ease and Growing Younger".

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Why mentor with Joci James?

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Patience is a virtue we all seemed to want NOW.... Joci say's "It's time to enjoy your adventure NOW".  And she can be your guide to riches as she takes you on a treasure hunt to discover you.  The more you know you, the easier life becomes.  That's Joci's first secret to "Aging With Ease". 

She lives the Aging With Ease Promise...

Reason #1

She has 90 years of experience... 

Reason #2

Joci has the secret to aging with ease because she is living it right now at the age of 90.

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Reason #3

Joci is a life strength detective and can help you discover the best of you through her courses and mentoring programs.

Reason #4

Joci knows how to take you from the Land of Ug into the Land of AWE-some.  That means no more fear of the aging process because you will learn from one of the wisest mentors alive today!

Discover YOU Treasure Hunt


Treasures await you...

Don't let fear prevent you from playing big or from being the best you can be. Fear will rob you and keep you playing small when you have the capacity to play so much BIGGER! In this book, 89 years young, Joci James is on a mission to help you find, align and become more confident in the treasures, talents and gifts you possess in this life.
Joci has designed a course through her “Discovering the Best of You,” series. Joci has been able to assist folks in discovering their innate talents, treasures, gifts and strengths enabling them to reach their destination with the satisfaction of knowing their GREATNESS Your experience with Joci James will be one of your greatest discoveries in helping you discover the best of YOU!
Joci James is an amazing woman who knows to never put an age limit on your dreams. If you're looking for a guide, coach or mentor to help you age with ease, Joci is the ONE. Have you been hanging out in the Land of Ug? Ug means, to feel fear, dread or loathing. Do you fear aging, dread aging or even loath the thought of the aging process? Joci can transform those OLD patterns and weave them with her Golden Thread of Love into the most beautiful new vision of AWE and Wonder. She can take you on the most amazing adventure, a treasure hunt, to discover the best in you and best of all share her secret to Aging With Ease. (AWE)

Your Aging With Ease Expert

The Life Strengths Detective 


Joci James

Cynthia Gardner ONeill

Cynthia Gardner O'Neill Harmonize Life
Joci James a simply AWE-some mentor and coach.
I can not find anyone wiser and more special than Joci James... More testimonial coming...